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Select colors for your interior office space that inspire both your Clients and employees. Whether ornate and luxurious or simple and functional, Textures Painting will help you to achieve an atmosphere that feels clean, comfortable and professional.

Entice your customers with a classy storefront and bright retail space. In the NYC commercial and retail world, impressions matter, and before anyone sees your merchandise or service, they will see your building.



Whatever your store or business painting needs are, from the storefront to the restrooms to the offices, Textures Painting will complete the job with professionalism and excellent results.

Retail stores and other commercial facilities here in NYC or Long Island handle a lot of customer traffic every day, and it doesn't take long before the walls become scuffed, dented and scratched. In addition, older buildings with plaster walls can become cracked and worn with age. We provide expert plaster repair and drywall repair services.

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